8 Glamping Getaways Around Texas to Visit

The following article was first published on Dallasites 101 Blog. To read the complete article click here. Glamping has become a fun and unique way to relax and enjoy nature but without the hassle and discomfort of traditional camping.  The term (“glamping”) was first coined in the United Kingdom in 2005 for luxurious, resort-like camping. And luckily, it was carried through to the US, with … Continue reading 8 Glamping Getaways Around Texas to Visit

Mudleaf Coffee + Giveaway

Mudleaf Coffee

As stated in my About Page, I am a huge fave of Chai Tea Lattes. They are easily my favorite drink! There is just something about the mixture of the exotic spices, milk and sugar that make the drink taste so amazing!


I realize that Coffee Shops and cafes are hot right now among the Millennial Generation. There are some really awesome cafes that are popping up around town. Eventually, I would love to do a blog post discussing some of my favorite coffee bars and cafes that are north of Dallas. But in the mean time I need to tell you about my absolute favorite cafe, Mudleaf Coffee. It is my favorite place for many reasons. But mostly, I love the convenience of this coffee shop. As it is located right round the corner from where I live, and on my way home from work. Continue reading “Mudleaf Coffee + Giveaway”