About Me

Photo Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

Currently, I am living and working in Plano, Texas. (Although, I will be moving to the Colony, Texas in the Summer of 2020). Aside from work I attend school and enjoy spending time working on some of my hobbies.

I am a post-grad student in college. Right now, I am taking prerequisite courses for graduate school. The end goal for my continuing education is to earn a Physicians Assistant Masters Degree.

About the Blog

My favorite hobbies include writing, exploring my community, travel, and photography. Writing, in particular, is my favorite pass time. This blog seemed like a great outlet to improve my writing ability and provides a way to combine all four of my hobbies into one. Blogging gives me the opportunity to go explore the community for unique and fun opportunities. Then, I can write and share my experiences with the readers on my blog.