Your Ultimate Guide to What Local Businesses are Opening During Phase 2 – Frisco Edition

The Covid-19 Quarantine has been hard

The Covid-19 Quarantine has been hard for many. Unfortunately, Millions of Texans have lost their jobs and their income. As a result, many local workers are struggling to feed their families and financially keep their heads above water. With Phase 2 of Texas Reopening in full effect, it is more important than ever to shop local and to support small businesses. Here is a complete list of local businesses in Frisco that are open for business. By working together and shopping small, I have faith that we can help our neighbors keep their jobs and food on their table.

Note: Plano Edition is already published and The Colony Editions coming soon

AT&T * Directions

Best Buy * Multiple Locations

Cell Phone Dr. * Directions

CELLTECH * Directions

Connectivity Source * Directions

Game Stop * Directions

GNC Live Well * Directions

The Fix * Directions

Wireless Accessories * Directions

Zagg * Directions

Barnes & Noble * Directions

Go! Games/Go! Toys * Directions

Half Price Books * Directions

The LEGO Store * Directions

Amish Furniture Showcase * Directions

Bassett Home Furnishings * Directions

Frisco Mercantile * Directions

Haverty’s Furniture * Directions

Kirkland’s * Directions

Panache at Home Boutique * Directions

Pappagallo Classiques Boutique * Directions

Pottery Barn * Directions

Pottery Barn Kids * Directions

Sleep Number * Directions

Wicker Park Home * Directions

Williams – Sonoma * Directions

Benchmark Jewelers * Directions

DFW Watches * Directions

Diamonds Direct * Directions

Jewelz * Directions

Marquise Jewelers * Directions

Pandora * Directions

Paramount Jewelers * Directions

Avis Budget * Directions

Big Lots * Multiple Locations

Office Depot * Directions

PetsMart * Multiple Locations

Soccer City Frisco * Directions

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