The Amazing Power of Organization – Bedding

Hello everyone!

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the project of cleaning out and organizing my closet (to read about this experience click here). Since writing The Amazing Power of Organization I have written a few other article regarding the project of organizing my bedroom. Admittedly, I have been so surprised by the response I have been getting regarding this project. So far, every post I have made regarding this project has reached more people than expected. Because of the responses I have been getting, I will hone in the focus of this blog more to Living Intentionally and Organization.


As seen in my previous post, I have finished cleaning and organizing all my clothes! It is now time to move on to something else. After this organization project is complete, I am looking to update my bedroom. Because an overwhelming majority of updating a bedroom is choosing the color scheme (as described in Updating my Bedroom: Color Scheme), I decided to work on my bedding next. Bedding is very important when it comes to decorating. When decorating your room, it is much easier to choose the color of your bedding first. Then match the paint to the bedding rather than the other way around.

I have two dressers in my bedroom. One dresser is for my clothes. The other dresser (pictured above) I use to store my bedding. Prior to this project, I was unable to fit all my bedding into the dresser. Keeping with the theme of organizing my room using the Marie Kondo Method, I started out by emptying my enter dresser, and laying everything out on the floor as seen below.


At first, I was surprised by the number of items I actually had. Compared to the number of clothes that I have and the huge pile that I had when I cleaned out my closet. Another thing I noticed too was the varying colors that I have. When I was younger, I loved the idea of mixing and matching my bedding. However, now that I am older, it bothers me that it is not uniform.

For a color scheme, I have decided that white bedding is best. As I was going through a lot of this bedding many of the sheets were stained. I have really only kept white bedding and a few others.

Now, in regards to throwing away the bed sheets, I do not throw them away. Instead I save them and use them to make rugs.


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