Project Bedroom Organization – Update

It all started one Saturday, when I decided to clean out my closet. There were many great outcomes of cleaning my closet. I am not here to tell you about that (or at least, not today). But if you would like to learn more about how following the Marie Kondo method has helped me transform my closet, go read about it in my The Amazing Power of Organization blog post. Before I continue with writing this post, please understand that I did not spend time staging my bedroom prior to taking pictures.

While cleaning my closet several months ago, most of the items I organized and cleaned were clothes. After following the Marie Kondo method, I felt so good and so relieved that I knew I had to continue with organizing the rest of my bedroom. So when the time came round to clean my room, it only seemed natural that I continue working with my clothes. Sadly, I did not take any before pictures. But there are during and after pictures!


Since the last thing I worked items I have worked on were clothes, I continued on with the Marie Kondo method and started emptying out all the set of drawers of the above dresser. Originally, I had so much clothes that I was unable to fit them all into the dresser. Often times I would have to store some of my lean clothes on the floor due to the lack of space.

In total, this project did not take too long.  I was able to get everything taken care of in one afternoon session. In fact, I was able to clean out my bedding and blankets in the same day (but this will covered on a different post). For this particular dresser I threw away about two large trash bags of clothes. I also ended up finding a few things in the dresser that should not have been there.


I would like to take this time and discuss my delicates drawer. Now, I realize that this is not something that people like to talk about it. But let’s face it. the delicates drawer can be a difficult drawer to organize because the items we keep in there are irregularly shaped and they are hard to fold. I am very upset that I forgot to get a before picture on this particular drawer. Out of all my drawers in this dresser, my delicates drawer is the drawer that has seen the most drastic change. Before reorganizing this dresser, everything was just shoved in there. Now everything has a place. As you will see in the photos below. All my socks are on the left hand side of the drawer. Bras are all together in the middle and underwear are all on the right side of the drawer. This makes it so much easier to see where everything is and just choose what I need.



Major Take-Away’s From this Project so far…

Life is Just Easier…

Frankly, I do not really know how to describe my feelings and thoughts regarding this subject. It is just a general feeling. Generally, I feel better. I do not feel like I have this looming cloud of mess over my head.

close up of row
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Staying organized is Infinitely Easier…

With less stuff in my room, it is much easier to keep everything clean.


I am doing a better job staying on top of my chores..

Chores are much easier now. While yes I do still procrastinate on doing my chores, I am finding that I am still doing my chores more frequently. Because now, my chores are easier and take less time. As a result I can run my day more efficiently and use my time more effectively.

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