Banh Mi Station – Newest Hottest Vietnamese Eatery in Dallas

There is a cool new hot spot for Dallas locals. It is located on Tom Landry Freeway (I-30) and Sylvan Ave on the Southern Edge of the Trinity Groves District. There is a small “neighborhood” at this intersection that is all centered around the Sylvan Thirty Apartments. This little area is complete with a play area for kids and pets, a bar, coffeehouse, and a few eateries.

Krisie the Photographer. If it was not for this wonderful friend, I would not have known about this location. Be sure to follow her on Instagram!

In this new miniature neighborhood, there is an awesome new Vietnamese Eatery. This new eatery is called Banh Mi Station. It is serves Asian Fusion food most notably a Vietnamese Sandwich called the Banh Mi.


Despite Dallas being a city that is known for being very busy, Banh Mi Station is the perfect place to stop, be present, and enjoy where you are in life. Krisie is a very close friend of mine, she was definitely the perfect companion for this evening out. We intentionally came to Banh Mi Station for the purpose of work. Because of the casual and relaxed ambiance, our work quickly turned into deep conversations about life, family, friendships, and our boyfriends.


One of the best aspects of Banh Mi Station is the simplicity of their menu. It is very easy to read and the customer is not overwhelmed by a large number of items on the menu. There are vegetarian options, but no gluten free options. For drinks, water is free and Vietnamese coffee is on tap. They also sell soft drinks, energy drinks, and other alcoholic beverages in the cooler just to the right of the menu.


A Banh Mi is basically a Vietnamese sandwich that is served on a large baguette. I had the Brisket with Coconut Curry Banh Mi with the Red Curry Mac-N-Cheese side. Krisie had the Jackfruit Crab Cakes Banh Mi with the Kale Slaw side. Be warned, Vietnamese Banh Mi’s are not for the faint of heart. Both or our Banh Mis were very, very spicy. Both of our meals cleared our sinuses. If you do not like spices, be sure to ask an attendant about items on the menu that might be less spicy.


For Desse

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