Updating my Bedroom: Color Scheme

Taking inspiration from my previous post about reorganizing my closet using the Marie Kondo Method. I have decided to start making plans to update my bedroom. As always, step one is deciding on a color scheme. After deciding on a color scheme, then I can buy new bedding and repaint my walls.

White goes well with everything (understandably). As I browse through most influencers/bloggers and their bedrooms, they all have white walls and white everything. I love the chic appeal of the white wash. If I decide to go the same route as every other blogger with the color of my bedroom, then what makes me different from all the other bloggers with the “all neutral everything” theme?

Recently I have grown to love grey and beige. I am highly considering painting the walls of my bedroom light grey or beige. I also love sea foam green and french blue. This begs the question: how can I tastefully combine sea foam green, french blue, and grey/beige, so that my room looks nice and has the ambiance I want to create? Below I have found some schemes that I really love!

Neutral Color Schemes:

Blue Color Schemes:

Green Color Schemes:

I would love to hear everyone’s opinion! Please let me know which you like, please leave a comment below! Or if you have alternative ideas, definitely leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Updating my Bedroom: Color Scheme

  1. My two favorite color schemes are the neutral option with the pinks and browns and the green option of the ocean!

    I think the white wash/ neutral scheme is a very clean look. However to ask an ironic question: how easy is it to keep this sort of room clean? So the blue and green scheme may give you another reason why to choose over a neutral.

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    1. That is a great take, on how everything looks. I could always do a really light color with a greenish hue then a dark color as an accent wall.

      It should not be too hard to keep my room clean. When I was a kid it was difficult, but now that I am an adult and certain situations have changed I have be come much better at cleaning my room.

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